iVention Cloud

iVention provides tightly integrated, state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Scientific Data Management Software (SDMS) and Collaboration solutions to customers across multiple industries. Underlying each of iVention’s solution is the powerful, flexible iLES - iVention Lab Execution Platform, a web-based, scalable and extensible informatics platform. iLES  requires no client software installation and is available as hosted or installed solution that can be configured to meet customers’ needs without custom coding. 

Real-time access to data, anytime, anywhere

iLES can be accessed via any devices (mobile, tablet, PC) and offers real-time information to end users, customers, managers and collaboration partners. Without the need of clients to be installed, any data consumer with a web browser can be granted access to iLES and offered real-time data. iLES also comes with a customer portal that is included in the end user license fee – your customers can reap the benefits without any additional costs!

Paperless & Mobile

iLES enables laboratories to work via the Web, Cloud and Tablets for the Paperless Lab. iLES provides bridges between the islands of data generated in the lab and transforms that data into information that can be used across the organization. iLES delivers improved access to real-time information, regulatory compliance and data integrity, as well as time and cost savings by automating processes and reducing manual data handling. iVention’s vendor neutral technology helps transform laboratories into tightly integrated paperless environments.

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