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GSG GENII Software Group acquires iVention

March 15, 2023

GSG GENII Software Group (“GENII”) today announces that it has completed the acquisition of iVention. iVention provides laboratories in a wide range of industries with its powerful and flexible iVention Lab Execution System (iLES), a software system designed specifically for and around the laboratory process. 

Based in Zwolle, The Netherlands, iVention deploys its solutions via its Cloud Based Laboratory Automation Platform that combines all essential lab automation features in a single system. As the ultimate laboratory management tool iLES improves efficiency and quality by streamlining workflows and managing and computerizing both research and routine work - even in highly regulated environments. With iLES, laboratories benefit from automatic updates, unlock realtime information, ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance, while saving time and cost by efficient process automation and reduced manual data handling.

iVention becomes part of GENII’s Laboratories business unit, joining other specialists such as ICD, Blomesystem, Dorner and Melos as GENII continues to build out its clinical and non-clinical software solutions for the laboratory sector. As part of a larger Laboratories business, iVention will leverage GENII’s Laboratories customer base and geographical footprint, receiving investment to achieve its ambition of becoming a global top 5 LIMS solution provider, competing directly with incumbent players and winning market share as the modern application of choice.

Oscar Kox, iVention CEO, said, “We are delighted to join GENII and its Laboratories team. GENII is very committed to this sector, and the opportunity to become part of this, utilising our iLES technology platform across this vertical is very exciting. I believe we are stronger together, and our combined industry expertise and best-in-class product will enable us to shape the advanced, automated technology era for labs over the coming years.”

Matthias Siekmann, Group CEO, GENII, stated, “Our acquisition of iVention further progresses GENII’s strategy of being the best home for market-leading, niche enterprise software businesses.

We will make a strong push with our combined laboratory assets to change the lab automation world and are committed to establish iVention as a globally leading product with the most modern technology - future-proofed and financially backed by GENII.”


About iVention

iVention provides iLES as a Cloud Based Laboratory Automation Platform. Tightly integrated, state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Scientific Data Management Software (SDMS) and Collaboration solutions to customers across multiple industries.

Please visit: www.ivention.nl and https://hs.iles.cloud/en/the-iles-platform0



GENII Software Group provides market-leading, industry specific software solutions and services, explicitly developed to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses and public services. We pride ourselves in our industry knowledge and personal customer relationships, being their trusted partner and expert advisor as we guide our customers through digitalization, ensuring they are future proofed for success in an ever-changing business environment. GENII is based in Munich and is backed by funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital and Elvaston.

GENII consists of five vertical business units - Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Public Services and Laboratories - consisting of niche, expert businesses principally focussed on European markets, specially the DACH region, Nordics, Benelux, and Italy.

For more information please visit www.gsg-genii.com


Quick Facts

• 2,400+ employees.

• 25+ locations.

• EUR 340m combined group revenue.

• Our companies have, on average, been in business for more than 20 years


iVention steps into newly renovated office in Ahmedabad

March 1, 2023

Ahmedabad, India - iVention, a leading provider of lab informatics solutions globally, announced today the completion of the renovation of their Ahmedabad office. The new modern office is designed to provide a better working environment for the employees and enable iVention to meet the increasing demands of their customers.

The renovated office features a modern and sleek look, with vibrant colours and comfortable workspaces. The facilities have been upgraded to provide better amenities for the employees, The new office also features a large conference room and an open workspace to accommodate the growing team.

The renovation is part of iVention's strategy to provide its employees with a workspace that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth. With the increasing demand for lab informatics solutions in the Indian market, iVention has also expanded its workforce and is looking to hire more professionals in the coming months.

The move comes at a time when iVention is experiencing rapid growth. The company has nearly doubled in size over the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With its new workspace, iVention is sure to take business operations to the next level as it continues its journey towards success.

The news comes just after the inauguration of another iVention office in India at Hyderabad in the August,2022 which signifies iVention’s commitment and growth in the Indian market and future expansion plans of iVention in India and Globally.

iVention recently celebrated the opening of their newly renovated office, located in Ahmedabad, In the presence of the key people from iVention headquarters at the Netherlands. This move marks an important milestone for the growing business and signals iVention's commitment to providing unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

iVention's newly renovated Ahmedabad office is located at 4th Floor, Synergy Tower, 100 ft Corporate Road, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, India.

"Our new office in Ahmedabad is not only bigger and better, but also equipped with the latest technology and amenities that help us serve our clients better. The office has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a modern-day tech firm and its team of iLES experts and consultants. Having bigger footprint with two offices (Ahmedabad & Hyderabad) in India, iVention is all set to serve its customers better than ever globally.”

Vishal Thakrar, Director Operations, iVention India & APAC

“We are excited about the growth opportunities that the newly renovated Ahmedabad office provides. The additional space and modern facilities will help us to better serve our customers and provide a better work environment for our employees. We are also proud to contribute to the local economy by creating new jobs and investing in the community.”

Oscar Kox, CEO, iVention

The newly renovated office provides a workspace that is conducive to productivity and creativity. The modern design and comfortable amenities allow employees to work in a more relaxed and efficient manner. The large conference room and open workspace will enable the team to work together more effectively, encouraging collaboration and innovation. With its new workspace, iVention is sure to take business operations to the next level as it continues its journey towards success.

iVention Joins the Tetra Partner Network to meet Customer Demand for Data-Engineered Scientific Workflows

December 1, 2021

TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced today that iVention, maker of a powerful Laboratory Execution System (iLES), has joined the Tetra Partner Network to meet customer requirements that all of their scientific data be engineered, liquid, and actionable so that they can accelerate delivery of life-saving medicines.

“Customers are at the heart of everything we do at TetraScience. Increasingly, their focus is to maximize the liquidity of R&D data not only for extraction from vendor-specific software, but also its centralization, contextualization, and harmonization to facilitate bidirectional workflow automation and prepare for data science and machine learning,” says Alan Millar, VP of Business Development for the Tetra Partner Network. “iVention is a rapidly-growing provider of innovative informatics solutions. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with such a future-looking company to help customers achieve the data innovations they most need.”

iLES combines LIMS, LES, ELN, and SDMS capabilities in a single platform that is 100% web based and can be deployed from the cloud and used on any device, including mobile. As a Tetra Partner, iVention can amplify scientific data value for customers through the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) - the industry’s only R&D focused, vendor-agnostic, and cloud-native platform.  

“We share TetraScience’s vision to unlock and connect scientific data and are delighted that, through this partnership, iVention can bring even more value to our customers,” says Oscar Kox, CEO, iVention. “By joining the Tetra Partner Network, iVention can continue to focus on developing valuable capabilities within our informatics products while also improving the efficiency of our customers’ scientific applications and workflows.” 

Through open collaboration, the Tetra Partner Network functions as the only industry-wide catalyst to replatform scientific data to the cloud as a customer’s first step in the journey to a digital lab. Integrating iLES with TDP allows data to flow from laboratory instruments to iLES through productionized integrations, allowing customers to focus on science rather than data formatting.

“In order to unlock the potential of life science R&D labs and dramatically accelerate discovery, we must capitalize on the power of AI and data science. A precondition to enabling these capabilities is moving the industry away from a legacy data model of silos and point-to-point integrations to a native and unified cloud-based data paradigm,” explains Patrick Grady, Chief Executive Officer, TetraScience. “Our partnership with iVention is an example of what can be done to enable the life sciences industry to accelerate discoveries that can help improve lives.” 

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the R&D Data Cloud company with a mission to transform life sciences R&D, accelerate discovery, and improve and extend human life. The Tetra R&D Data Cloud provides life sciences companies with the flexibility, scalability, and data-centric capabilities to enable easy access to centralized, harmonized, and actionable scientific data and is actively deployed across enterprise pharma and biotech organizations. As an open platform, TetraScience has built the largest integration network of lab instruments, informatics applications, CRO/CDMOs, analytics, and data science partners, creating seamless interoperability and an innovation feedback loop that will drive the future of life sciences R&D. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

About iVention

iVention provides iLES as a Cloud Based Laboratory Automation Platform. Tightly integrated, state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Scientific Data Management Software (SDMS) and Collaboration solutions to customers across multiple industries. Please visit  www.ivention.nl andhttps://hs.iles.cloud/en/the-iles-platform

iVention continues its expansion within the German-speaking region (DACH)

June, 2019

Per 1. Juni 2019 erweitern wir unser Team mit einen neuen Regionalleiter DACH. Dies ist ein weiteres Bekenntnis von iVention für den Ausbau der deutschsprachigen Region. Wir sind sehr erfreut darüber das wir Paul Planje als Managing Direktor DACH gewinnen konnten.

Paul Planje beschäftigt sich seit 1992 mit Themen wie Effizienz und Produktivitätssteigerung. Zunächst speziell in den Bereichen Labor und Forschung. Dabei sammelte er Erfahrungen mit Analysegeräten und deren Automatisierung. Mit dem Wechsel in den Vertrieb kamen Unternehmenslösungen wie Scientific Data Management Systeme (SDMS), Labor Information Systeme (LIMS), Labor Execution System (LES), Elektronische Laborjournale (ELN) und Dokument Management Systeme (DMS) dazu. In den letzten Jahren beschäftigte er sich mit der Digitalisierung von Prozessen und deren Messungen. Kaum ein anderer hat sich so intensiv mit den Möglichkeiten zur Optimierung und Steigerung der Effizienz von Laborprozessen auseinandergesetzt.

Mit Paul Planje an Bord gehen wir den nächsten Schritt im deutschsprachigen Raum. Durch seine Erfahrungen wird er für unseren Kunden die richtige Beratung anbieten können, um den Weg in die Digitalisierung mittels iVention iLES sicherzustellen.


As of 1 June 2019, we are expanding our team with a new Regional Manager DACH. This is a continued commitment of iVention to the development of the German-speaking region. We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Planje as Managing Director DACH.

Paul Planje has been working since 1992 on subjects such as efficiency and Productivity increase. Initially in the laboratory and research sectors. He made experiences with analytical instruments and automation. With the change to sales, enterprise solutions such as Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Electronic Laboratory Journals (ELN) and Document Management Systems (DMS) were added. In the last years he was engaged in the digitization of processes and their measurements. There is hardly anyone else who has so intensively worked on the opportunities for optimizing and increasing the efficiency on laboratory processes.

With Paul Planje on board, we are taking the next step in the German-speaking region. His experience will enable us to offer our customers the right service to ensure their path into digitalization using iVention iLES.

iVention opens a Global Center of Excellence in Soest, the Netherlands

February, 2019

iVention recently opened a worldwide Center of Excellence (CoE) in Soest. From this new facility, customers, partners and other iVention relations are supported in taking advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer in optimizing laboratory processes.  

The Center of Excellence was set up to meet the "growing need in the market for best practices, innovation, expertise, support and training in modern laboratory automation", says Mr. Oscar Kox, CEO of iVention. "What we notice is that today's laboratories face very different challenges in the necessary transition from paper to digital, such as ensuring data integrity, fast and efficiently processing, analysing and sharing increasing amounts of data and, of course, the protection of privacy-sensitive information". 

To cope with these challenges, more than 55 iVention employees work closely with customers from a wide variety of industries on a daily basis to optimize their laboratory processes and realize digital transformation ambitions. In this respect, the company's vision of the future of laboratory automation guarantees a continuous flow of innovations and product developments. In the past year, succesful applications have been realized in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (Hololens), Voice Recognition and Robot Process Automation (RPA) and customers can soon benefit from the advantages that Elasticsearch can offer in the fast and easy searching through large amounts of data. 

Thanks in part to this innovative strength, iVention has gained a leading position in the market in a short period of time and can rightly be mentioned a true 'game-changer'. In the coming years, the company also wants to expand its team to achieve the international growth ambitions and to inspire laboratories worldwide with appealing innovations. "the Center of Excellence will play an important role in this", concludes Mr. Kox. 

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (in Dutch RIVM) selected iVention to deliver iLES LIMS for the Neonatal Bloodspot Prick Screening (NHS) 

July, 2018

iVention is proud to announce that RIVM via a European Tender has chosen iLES as their new LIMS for NHS to replace the current LIMS system. "The assignment is an essential milestone in our ambition to increase our presence in the Healthcare industry. The winning bid proves that our innovative approach provides great benefits to organizations like RIVM in their search for a more flexible, configurable and future-proof NHS LIMS. As our system is based on the latest technologies it offers unrestricted scalability and brings down the total cost of ownership", says Oscar Kox, CEO of iVention.

The Neonatal heel prick screening is a nationwide screening program for babies in the first week after birth. Annually approximately 170.000 newborns in the Netherlands receive the heel prick. The heel prick screening is the longest running nationwide screening program in public healthcare in the Netherlands.

The analysis of the heel prick blood provides important information about currently 19 rare, often hereditary, serious diseases. Early detection of these diseases is crucial to limit or prevent serious damage to health by timely treatment of babies that are born mostly symptomless. The blood tests are performed by five screening laboratories, of which the laboratory of the RIVM acts as a reference laboratory. The screening laboratories are responsible for the analysis of the heel prick blood and adequete reporting of the results. High demands are placed on the reliability and quality of the blood tests. The analyses must be carried out in a timely manner and with great care.

In July 2015, the Minister of VWS took up the recommendation of the Health Council to add 14 disorders to the screening program. With the expasion plans of the heel prick program to 31 diseases the number of functionalities and complexity will increase significantly. As the current LIMS system is not sufficiently equipped for these changes replacement is necessary. Therefore RIVM published a European Public tender for the delivery, implementation and maintenance of a LIMS for neonatal heel prick screening.

The European tender for this NHS project started early 2017 and finally 4 vendors were selected for a final proposal and a dedicated demonstration to show their fit to the RIVM requirements. Critical elements in the delivery of the new NHS-LIMS include integration with lab equipment, interpretation functionality (desicion rules), and the administrative process support system. The full digitalization of the information on the heel prick card with a mobile App has been determined as a potential added value for the near future. Finally iVention was selected as the best quilified partner for the assignment. The agreement was signed on July 5th at RIVM in Bilthoven.

"Great teamwork, passion, talent and challenging work in iVention was formed the basis for this new success" according to Oscar Kox, the CEO of iVention.

iVention was certified for ISO27001 by DEKRA Certification

May, 2018

On March 28, 2018 iVention B.V. was certified for ISO/IEC27001:2013 by testing and certification company DEKRA. This demonstrates that iVention meets the certification requirements of establishing a working and effective Information Security Management System. iVention’s ISMS provides a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in iVention’s information risk management processes.

iVention has made a commitment to be a security conscious organization recognizing the value of security in conducting its business. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our employees, products, property and other assets in general and the protection of client data in particular.

Certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 demonstrates to existing and potential clients that confidentiality of information is assured, the integrity and availability of information are maintained, and security risks are appropriately prioritized and managed. Implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving best-practice information security processes, shows that we are committed to protect the data clients entrust to us.

iVention provides laboratories in a wide range of industries with a modern Lab Execution System that combines LIMS, ELN and SDMS features in a single Informatics Platform.

The powerful iLES Platform is fully web based, highly flexible and scalable, affordable and can be easily deployed from the Cloud and used on any mobile device. This ISO27001 certification is important for our current installed base and future users of our products and services, which we deliver globally.

The certification was carried out by DEKRA, one of the largest testing and certification institutions in the world. DEKRA has extensive expertise in auditing and certifying management systems in the field of quality, safety, sustainability, and information security.

GDPR Statement

May, 2018

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), goes into effect. The key principle of this European privacy law is that individuals have control of how their personal data is collected, processed and used in decision making. EU-residents can ask companies or organizations to access and correct errors, delete personal data, object to its processing and export it.

iVention processes data, in that we, among others, manage iVention Lab Execution System (iLES) applications and -databases for clients. It is therefore our responsibility to handle the personal data in all systems with care. iVention has made a commitment to be a security-conscious organization recognizing the value of security and privacy in conducting its business, and to ensure the safety, security and protection of client data and to comply to the GDPR in particular.

iVention either already meets or is implementing the obligations as a data controller and as a data processor. We are setting up and concluding our registers of processing activities. As a data processor, iVention only processes personal data in accordance with client’s permission and instructions as set out in agreements. We are currently updating the Data Processing Agreements with our suppliers and clients to account for GDPR requirements.

Furthermore, iVention has a long-standing practice of developing and maintaining its software according to the principles of ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’. For example, our iLES software facilitates pseudonymization, custom-made opt-ins, access through two-factor authentication, and making information accessible to a controller when data subjects exercise their rights under the GDPR.

Lastly, we have implemented a set of technical and organization measurements, including certified information security processes and controls according to ISO/IEC 27001 to help protect the (personal) data entrusted to us.

iVention at 10th Edition of LabAutomation Exhibition

March, 2018

On March 28, 2018, the very successful 10th edition of LabAutomation took place in ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL) and iVention was present with in their booth a formidable team to show their software solutions of the powerful iLES Platform. iVention provides laboratories in a wide range of industries with a modern Lab Execution System that combines LIMS, ELN and SDMS features in a single Informatics Platform. The powerful iLES Platform is fully web based, highly flexible and scalable, affordable and can be easily deployed from the Cloud and used on any mobile device.

More than LIMS with LES

One of the software-solutions presentations was given by Mr. René Rozendal, representing as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) the international operating company Paques; an operating company in the field of water and gas treatment development where new treatment systems are constantly being developed for new challenges in waste water flows.

In this presentation the most important aspects of the implementation of the Cloud-based iVention Lab Execution System (iLES) within Paques were highlighted. Central thereby are the required flexibility of the system to efficiently plan and execute specialist (biotechnological) work processes and methods, the automation of reports and the use of real-time dashboards for production and quality control.

In addition, the integration of iLES with lab instruments and management systems were discussed.

Besides the benefits of the powerful iLES Platform, as mentioned above, one of the most important aspects for Paques to choose iVention as provider, was the experience and the straightforward integration of iLES with Salesforce.com; one of the most used CRM (customer relationship management) systems globally.

New Head Office - Room for company growth

January, 2017

Zwolle, The Netherlands, January 1, 2017 - After another successful year with double-digit growth, iVention BV, lab automation specialist for the world wide life sciences and research industry, moved offices to facilitate its continuous and ambitious growth plans. With a floor area of almost three times the size of the old offices, the new building offers ideal conditions for an ongoing company growth. 

Since its foundation and successful introduction of the iLES Platform in 2009, iVention has rapidly grown out to establish itself as a leading global provider of innovative LIMS, ELN and SDMS solutions for a wide range of industries. Currently operating from 5 international offices and employing the largest and most experienced laboratory automation consultancy team in the Benelux, iVention provides a significant contribution to simplifying the work of thousands of lab technicians and researchers all over the world. 

Throughout 2016, 5 highly experienced professionals joined the team within different departments. While there are still several more positions waiting to be filled in the short term as iVention is constantly searching for experienced and ambitious software developers, lab automation specialists and project managers working as the link between customers and technology.

Oscar Kox, CEO of iVention proudly comments on the new head office where we have created ideal conditions for further company groth. "In this place, we can keep on developing state-of-the-art IT solutions for the laboratory industry with fun and full commitment."

iVention New Head Office address - Wipstrikkerallee 95, 8023 DW Zwolle

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