More than LIMS with LES
More than LIMS with LES – A statement with a reason. With years of experience in the LIMS/ELN/DMS delivery, iVention has a strong believe a platform should be delivered with all its glory. No need for modules, extra payments on functionality, one platform to supply all functionality needed. 
iLES comes with all necessary functionality from Production to R&D and will be delivered with functionality like: Electronic Lab Notebooks; Electronic Records; Document Management and checking in/out of documents; Scientific Document Storage; Any file type can be inserted and context added. 
Free (automated) Upgrades

Through automation of our development process and optimal collaboration between developers, testers, and operations iVention provides a continuous delivery platform that enables rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to users. This innovative approach helps reduce the cost, time and risks of delivering upgrades and guarantees a free upgrade path to our Customers.